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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reading While Eating for July 12: It’s Too Darn Hot

Marko Djurica / Reuters Lightning strikes over buildings during a thunderstorm in Belgrade, July 11, 2011. Thunderstorms are common during the summer in Serbia.

Soccer Star, Model, Mechanic? David Beckham Helps Stranded Motorist

David Beckham’s path to a Knighthood just got one step closer.

The LA Galaxy soccer star has been spending the off season back home in the U.K., training with Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur (some would say to engineer a move back full-time) but he put sports to one side Wednesday, all in the name of being a Good Samaritan.

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Becks noticed that a motorist had broken down on a roundabout and duly pulled over to assist the stranded family. Paul Long was taking his two children to school when he came to a stop. “We were on the A10 roundabout, which was pretty dangerous,” Long told the BBC, “and had been stuck there for about 10 minutes. Eventually I saw a car pull over in the distance and a man in a hoodie got out. He pulled the hood down and as he got nearer to the car I realised it was David Beckham.”

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Long continued with this tale of goodwill. “He asked if we were OK and I said we’d broken down and could he push us to the side. When we’d pushed the car to safety – and I have to say another man stopped to help by this point – he asked if we were OK and I said: ‘David Beckham, I love you, mate.’

NewsFeed not only expects a movie to be made about this heroic gesture but for David to change his surname to BeckhAAm by the end of the week.

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Study: Drivers Are Dangerously Distracted By Their Dogs

Bambu Productions / Getty Images

NFL Star Junior Seau Drives Car Off Cliff

Charles Krupa / AP Photo File photo, New England Patriots linebacker Junior Seau (55). Police have responded to a report of a shooting at the Seau's home in Oceanside, Calif., Wednesday morning, May 2, 2012.

Man Texts About Needing to Stop Texting, Then Drives Off a Cliff

Matt Henry Gunther/Getty

Monkeying Around: Primates Dismantle Car at Zoo

These monkeys made a Mercedes into their own personal playground at a British zoo.

Who knew monkeys could be so destructive? Zookeepers at the Longleat Safari Park in southwest Britain drove a new toy into the macaques’ enclosure – but it didn’t stay driveable for very long.

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The monkeys, clearly fascinated by the black Mercedes station wagon, prowled all over it as they ripped off hubcaps and mirrors. The gang of nearly 100 monkeys was celebrating the reopening of their “Monkey Jungle” exhibit at the zoo.

It’s safe to say these monkeys won’t be getting drivers’ licenses anytime soon. They would bring a whole new meaning to road rage.

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Tech-Savvy Thieves Switch Keys During Test Drive to Steal Porsche

Guenter Schiffmann / Bloomberg / Getty Images A Porsche Panamera similar to the one stolen sits on display outside a Porsche dealership in Stuttgart, Germany.