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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The (YouTube) Hits Keep Coming: OK Go Teams With Chevy for New Video

It must be exhausting to be OK Go. The band set the bar extremely high for themselves (and eventually everyone) with their single “A Million Ways” and its accompanying video, which featured endearingly dorky, high-energy choreography. They kept building buzz with their next video for the song “Here It Goes Again,” which once again featured synchronized dance moves, this time on treadmills. The video went everywhere due to the low-budget and endlessly novel nature of the video. The success of that single firmly established the band as Internet darlings and each successive video confirms that status.

In their latest video, for the song “Needing/Getting,” OK Go is featured in what amounts to an extended commercial for Chevrolet. In the ad, the band turns the entire Chevy Sonic car into an instrument. As the car weaves its way through an obstacle course, it hits piano keys and blue plastic tubs. The band members add to those notes with thumps on the doors and knocks on the windows, while recording equipment captures it all. The result is a mesmerizing car commercial — and an all-around great music video — which in and of itself is pretty innovative.

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