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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reading While Eating for July 12: It’s Too Darn Hot

Marko Djurica / Reuters Lightning strikes over buildings during a thunderstorm in Belgrade, July 11, 2011. Thunderstorms are common during the summer in Serbia.

Soccer Star, Model, Mechanic? David Beckham Helps Stranded Motorist

David Beckham’s path to a Knighthood just got one step closer.

The LA Galaxy soccer star has been spending the off season back home in the U.K., training with Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur (some would say to engineer a move back full-time) but he put sports to one side Wednesday, all in the name of being a Good Samaritan.

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Becks noticed that a motorist had broken down on a roundabout and duly pulled over to assist the stranded family. Paul Long was taking his two children to school when he came to a stop. “We were on the A10 roundabout, which was pretty dangerous,” Long told the BBC, “and had been stuck there for about 10 minutes. Eventually I saw a car pull over in the distance and a man in a hoodie got out. He pulled the hood down and as he got nearer to the car I realised it was David Beckham.”

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Long continued with this tale of goodwill. “He asked if we were OK and I said we’d broken down and could he push us to the side. When we’d pushed the car to safety – and I have to say another man stopped to help by this point – he asked if we were OK and I said: ‘David Beckham, I love you, mate.’

NewsFeed not only expects a movie to be made about this heroic gesture but for David to change his surname to BeckhAAm by the end of the week.

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Study: Drivers Are Dangerously Distracted By Their Dogs

Bambu Productions / Getty Images

NFL Star Junior Seau Drives Car Off Cliff

Charles Krupa / AP Photo File photo, New England Patriots linebacker Junior Seau (55). Police have responded to a report of a shooting at the Seau's home in Oceanside, Calif., Wednesday morning, May 2, 2012.

Man Texts About Needing to Stop Texting, Then Drives Off a Cliff

Matt Henry Gunther/Getty

Monkeying Around: Primates Dismantle Car at Zoo

These monkeys made a Mercedes into their own personal playground at a British zoo.

Who knew monkeys could be so destructive? Zookeepers at the Longleat Safari Park in southwest Britain drove a new toy into the macaques’ enclosure – but it didn’t stay driveable for very long.

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The monkeys, clearly fascinated by the black Mercedes station wagon, prowled all over it as they ripped off hubcaps and mirrors. The gang of nearly 100 monkeys was celebrating the reopening of their “Monkey Jungle” exhibit at the zoo.

It’s safe to say these monkeys won’t be getting drivers’ licenses anytime soon. They would bring a whole new meaning to road rage.

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Tech-Savvy Thieves Switch Keys During Test Drive to Steal Porsche

Guenter Schiffmann / Bloomberg / Getty Images A Porsche Panamera similar to the one stolen sits on display outside a Porsche dealership in Stuttgart, Germany.

WATCH: The Most Embarassing Lamborghini Crash Ever

If you happen to find yourself stopped at a red light behind a Lamborghini Gallardo, its driver revving his engine, get out your smartphone. Because you know something awesome is going to happen.

That’s what a group of friends in the Chicago suburb of Wheeling, Ill. was thinking, and they sure weren’t disappointed.

“He’s gonna fly,” one of the passengers predicted as they waited at the light. Sure, if by “fly” you mean “fly out of control”. The $225,000 car peeled out after the traffic light turned green and lost control while rounding the corner onto Wheeling Road, veering into oncoming traffic, where it came to rest wedged between two (laughably inferior) cars.

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It’s a classic example of taking pleasure in someone else’s misery – in this case, someone far richer, and more pompous, than us average drivers. It’s no surprise that the video has garnered nearly seven million hits on YouTube in just four days.

The Gallardo’s driver, William Whitaker, told police he “just lost it” as he turned the corner. Whitaker was issued a citation for “failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident.”

When CBS Chicago went to question Whitaker about the accident, reporter Brad Edwards asked him simply, “What happened?” Whitaker, speaking through the call box at his gated community in Hawthorn Woods, Ill., could only muster a long sigh before saying he expected a better question from the journalist.

Sure, he wrecked his expensive car. But the damage to his ego is probably priceless.

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Reading While Eating For July 19: Bring the Funk

China Daily / Reuters A child lies on a piece of 3D pavement artwork featuring a shark as she poses for a photograph for her family inside a shopping mall in Fuzhou, Fujian province, July 17, 2011

Man Emerges Alive After 20-Ton Boulder Drops on His Car

David Madison The beautiful, if frightening, French Alps.

Freak Alligator Rises From NYC Sewers, May Have Been Picking Up Chinese Takeout

Yes, the story’s real. And there are pictures to prove it. And the cops were quite exasperated as to just what they were looking at, and where exactly it came from: “We’re not sure if it’s an alligator or a crocodile because we’re not zoologists,” New York City Police Department Spokesman James Duffy told the New York Times. “No one knows where it came from, if it came from the sewer or not.”

The urban legends of sewer-dwelling Big Apple reptiles are known worldwide  – as are the myths of alligators coming up through the toilets. So it was little surprise that a massive crowd of New Yorkers gathered Sunday afternoon at Newton Avenue and 29th Street, northeast of midtown Manhattan in the heart of Queens – right down the street from King Wah Restaurant, a Chinese takeout joint with mixed reviews. (Could the croc have been lured by the smell of fried chicken?)

The 2-foot-long animal – later identified by animal experts as a baby alligator – was reportedly tiny, only large enough to kill a mouse. But the discovery has sparked an array of fascinating revelations in the 24 hours since.

For starters, how can an alligator make its way through crowded New York City streets, before getting trapped under a car? Second, all of us here at NewsFeed were a little shocked to learn that, according to Animal Care and Control spokesman Richard Gentles, two to four alligators or crocodiles are rescued in the city by his agency every year. Where are all these creatures coming from! Have any been traced back to a bathroom?!

But speaking for myself, the largest and most pressing question I want answered is: If this is indeed a baby alligator, who managed to wander the streets of Queens, just where in New York is the mommy? (Cue eerie music, fade to black)

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The (YouTube) Hits Keep Coming: OK Go Teams With Chevy for New Video

It must be exhausting to be OK Go. The band set the bar extremely high for themselves (and eventually everyone) with their single “A Million Ways” and its accompanying video, which featured endearingly dorky, high-energy choreography. They kept building buzz with their next video for the song “Here It Goes Again,” which once again featured synchronized dance moves, this time on treadmills. The video went everywhere due to the low-budget and endlessly novel nature of the video. The success of that single firmly established the band as Internet darlings and each successive video confirms that status.

In their latest video, for the song “Needing/Getting,” OK Go is featured in what amounts to an extended commercial for Chevrolet. In the ad, the band turns the entire Chevy Sonic car into an instrument. As the car weaves its way through an obstacle course, it hits piano keys and blue plastic tubs. The band members add to those notes with thumps on the doors and knocks on the windows, while recording equipment captures it all. The result is a mesmerizing car commercial — and an all-around great music video — which in and of itself is pretty innovative.

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St. Louis Carjacker Stymied by Stick Shift

Craig P. Jewell / Getty Images

Would You Buy Obama’s Old Car for $1 Million?

eBay / cubfanatic23

Car Frozen in Place Is Chiseled Out With a Hammer. And a Blowtorch.

A car in New York City covered in a little ice. Via CBS New York

82-Year-Old Woman Gets $1,100 Speeding Ticket

Getty Images

Man Allegedly Steals Chinese Delivery Car, Continues Dropping Off Orders

(WEST HARTFORD, Conn.) — Police in Connecticut say a man stole a car used to deliver Chinese food and continued dropping off orders so he could keep the customers’ money.

Keith Hinds was charged on Friday with larceny, possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and other drug charges. It was not known Monday morning if the 45-year-old Hinds is represented by a lawyer.

West Hartford police received a call from a Chinese food delivery driver reporting that his car had been stolen after he left it idling to run into a school. The driver also called his boss so customers could be notified that their orders were stolen with the car. Police say one of the orders was delivered after the car was taken.

Hinds was held on $5,000 bond.

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Ditching the Daisy: Will the New VW Beetle Rev Men’s Engines?

Courtesy Volkswagen

Car Left in Parking Lot Takes a Mysterious 724-mile Ride

A couple returned to New York from a trip to California and discovered that their car—which had been parked in the long-term lot near JFK airport—had 724 extra miles on the odometer. Which raises the question—what exactly does your car do in long-term car parks?

Since the vehicle was also playing a CD at full volume when the couple, Mimi and Ulrich Gunthart, started it, the logical explanation is that someone borrowed the car for a joyride/road trip (724 miles is roughly the distance from New York City to Pittsburgh and back).

But the manager for the parking lot said that a look over the inventory logs revealed nothing unusual and that they’ve never had complaints in the past. Sure, it’s feasible that the car was actually broken into and then returned, but we prefer to think of the alternate scenario: Transformers actually do exist.  (via the Associated Press)

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