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Friday, August 12, 2011

Toyota Prices 2012 Yaris at $14,875, Confirms that “It’s a CAR!”

August 9, 2011 at 12:51pm by Alexander Stoklosa

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Toyota has announced pricing and its social-media angle for the redesigned 2012 Yaris compact. Beyond that, though, Toyota declined to reveal little else about the car, although it did show it off at Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival last weekend (see fuzzy inset photo; the car also has been revealed as the Japanese-market Vitz). Toyota’s social-media campaign is spearheaded by the catchphrase “It’s a CAR!”—we respect Toyota’s oneness with the Yaris’s appliance-like nature.

Prices for the 2012 Yaris will essentially hold firm relative to last year’s. Prices for the base L three- and five-door hatchback models start at $14,875, the same as 2011 models’ equipped with the optional Convenience package—the 2012 Ls get those bits as standard. The 2012 three-door LE hatchback will ring in at $16,385, and the five-door LE will set you back $16,860—increases of $145 and $140, respectively. Toyota did announce a new sporty SE model, which sits at the top of the Yaris range and will start at $17,160 with a manual transmission (a four-speed automatic is an $800 option). Toyota gave few specifics regarding the SE other than it will only be available in five-door guise and will feature an “enhanced tuned suspension.”

Toyota will release more information on the 2012 Yaris in the “near future,” which we assume will be before the car enters into production in three weeks. In the meantime, we will confirm that the Yaris is a car.

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