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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bentley Mulsanne Goes to Russia, Gets Stretched, and Becomes Weapons-Resistant. What’s Not Awesome Here?

June 1, 2011 at 5:19pm by Davey G. Johnson

When Bentley named the Mulsanne, they were alluding to the company’s storied racing history during the early days at Le Mans. In Russia, however, a mulsan is a little-known unit of measure dating back to the late czarist era. (It’s so obscure, in fact, that we actually just made it up.) Roughly 3.7 miles in length, the mulsan lent its name to the long straightaway of similar distance at the Le Mans circuit. Naturally the French refer to said straightaway as Ligne Droite des Hunaudieres in an attempt to disguise all that pan-European incestuous fiddling. And perhaps to shade Napoleon’s disastrous foray into a frozen Russia so many winters ago.

Nevertheless, the Russians at ArmorTech decided that for all its ostentation (and we know Russians like ostentation), the Mulsanne wasn’t long enough to properly bear the name. But that, comrades, is nothing a little ingenuity can’t fix. Bear witness to the glory of the ArmorTech stretch Mulsanne, available with a  roof raised by nearly four inches, the better to leave one’s big wig unmussed. If the one-meter stretch is a bit too much for you, rather than inserting a couple of chicanes (which would just be silly), they’ll halve the stretch job, which might be useful if you intend to hustle the car through Arnage. Resistance to small explosives and assault rifles is, of course, included. After all, in Russia, what’s ostentation without armor? It’s about one mulsan short of the full VIP lifestyle, that’s what.

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