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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just Release It Already! BMW Previews Its Next M5 in Video of High-Speed Track Testing

June 1, 2011 at 4:16pm by Alexander Stoklosa

While BMW has already shown us its upcoming M5 über sedan in “concept” form at this year’s Shanghai auto show, the automaker continues to tease us with videos of prototype vehicles in various stages of development. Earlier vids included a 30-minute smorgasbord of M5 test mules romping in the Alps and a brief clip of an M5 roaring through a dark tunnel in a sort of polar-bear-blinking-in-a-snowstorm game, in which viewers could really only see the car’s lit headlights and, well, darkness. This new video, overlaid with a trance-inducing techno beat, shows a pair of M5s partaking in an afternoon of high-speed testing at the Nardo Ring in southern Italy. When we’re able to discern the cars’ exhaust notes, they sound about as good as you’d expect—they do, after all, pack 555-hp twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8s, capable of revving to more than 7000 rpm.

The video clip also shows the M5 running at an indicated 308 km/h (that’s 191 mph!) in sixth gear, with the engine turning a few hundred rpm short of redline. The cars in the video are equipped with BMW’s seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission, so given that the M5 was able to hit 191 mph with one more gear to go, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the super sedan top 200 mph (for details on the 2012 M5, including that 200-mph top speed, check out this article. Besides confirming that indeed, the M5 is a fast four-door, the video entertains with a BMW test driver drinking coffee at hyperspeed, and, of course, the sheer visual pleasure of viewing two M5 arcing around a high-speed oval. Watch the vid yourself below.

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